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Sunshine and Sunflowers

The Sunflower Festival at Alvis Farms, fun for the whole family!

The women of Alvis Farms at Slate Creek are super excited to announce that our family farm home location (just west of Short Pump outside of Richmond) will be hosting our first ever sunflower festival this summer!

As a traditional dairy and grain farm, diversification is important. The farm has always tried different crops and markets to make sure all of their eggs were not in one basket. Canola and sunflowers are two crops that are not only valuable when harvested as a cash crop but also valuable in terms of aesthetic purposes! Our family isn't the only one that agrees!

Sunflowers starting to pop!

After last year seeing our sunflower fields tagged in photos and numerous requests from locals, sometimes by a traveler down the interstate, we decided to capitalize on this opportunity and open our farm up to the public in the form of a sunflower festival. Now, this wasn't something we decided to do begrudgingly. Our men are perfectly happy farming day in and day out but it is us, the women, that find true purpose in helping the public catch a glimpse of where their food (fiber and other materials) come from!

So mark your calendars and join us for our first ever Sunflower Festival at Alvis Farms! The blooms won't last long! There will be vendors to shop, food to eat, activities for the kiddos and 50 acres of sunflowers for plenty of pictures! The festival will take place Saturdays (10am - 5pm) & Sundays (11am - 5pm), July 27/28 and August 3/4! We hope to see you there and can't wait to see the beauty you capture!

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Angela Green
Angela Green
Aug 30, 2019

As a vendor this was absolutely the best Vendor event I have ever had the pleasure of paying to attend. I can not wait until next year and many years to follow. To watch this festival grow. Ladies you did a wonderful job. Anyone who did not make it... So sorry you missed out.. Mark your calendar for next year!!!


Angela Green

Independent Paparazzi consultant

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